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The biggest decision you need to make when you are wrist watch online shopping is choosing between a mechanical or automatic watch. While a mechanical watch is powered by a mainspring and is wound by hand.

Automatic watches on the other hand are pretty much like manual watches but use intricate gears to move the hands. Both have modern and formal wrist watch designs.

Quartz watches are the most popular type of wrist watch online BD as they are incredibly accurate and happen to be quite affordable. Furthermore, quartz watches differ in functioning.

They use electricity from a small battery to move the hands. Lastly, quartz watches are not only more accurate but withstand comparatively more wear and tear as well. 

Considering the strap type is another major factor when it comes to buying a watch from an online wrist watch shop in Bangladesh. Some watches come with steel straps, whereas others offer leather straps.

Choosing between the two depends on your wrist size and personal preference. As a general rule of thumb, people with small wrist size should wear leather strap watches.