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What to look for when buying Sports & Hobbies products online?

Reliability is the key to online shopping. Always make sure to research the brand and its online reputation before you put down money on not just for sports and hobby goods, but any product in general. Also see what warranty services or return polices in case of outdoor sports products they offer to back up the quality of their offerings.

How to avoid compromise between price and quality?

Never go for the cheapest option available out there for any sports products online, because as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. But that does not mean you should pay for an inferior product. The key is to conduct a thorough research and educate yourself about general market rates. However, if you are buying used sports shoes or others, you can get very affordable prices.

How to find places for buying or selling sports and hobbies products online? 

Look no further than Keeno, Bangladesh’s premium online buying and selling site. Here you can connect with either the reputable sellers in the industry, or potential customers for products ranging from consumer goods to services. Our sports and hobby section offers some amazing features so be sure to check it out on the website.

How to choose among new & used items?

Both the website and the app have a very powerful search function. You can filter out results from what you want and what you do not want, be it choosing between new and used products, or items that are in your locality. You can buy some cool sport T shirts and sports equipment easily.

How to be a seller for sports & hobbies product on Keeno

Regardless of what kind of product or service it is that you or your company offers, becoming a seller on Keeno is a breeze. You can start selling your children’s sports equipment in no time. Partnering with us has a lot of advantages as we have a huge traffic to serve.

Sign up on Keeno app or website and start selling

The process for signing up on Keeno is very easy and intuitive. Simply register your brand or shop from the seller sign up page. This can be done from either the app or the website. Next, submit all the documents for approval and then start adding products. Sports shoes and sport T shirts sell very well.

How to get the best price when buying sports & hobbies products online? 

Choose the sports or hobby craft products that you are interested in, then look what price said product is actually being sold at across the internet. Once you have a fair idea about how much it costs, approach the seller on Keeno and see if they will price match or discount.

Types of products and average prices

Oftentimes, there is more than one product for accomplishing any specific task. On Keeno, these are sorted into their own category so that you can easily scroll through them. You can also analyze each outdoor sports products category listed by its average price to come to the decision about which one to buy.

On which point you should focus when selling them online?

As a seller, your aim should be to create a long term relationship with a customer selling sports products online rather than focusing on making a quick buck. There are multiple strategies you can apply to accomplish this, from offering discounts and promotions, to reliable after sales services that will raise you in the customer’s eye.

Things you should do when selling

Always be upfront about the pricing and the quality of the product. Quoting someone a number and then charging more when it’s time to close the deal is the fastest way to lose customer trust. Make sure to follow up with them after the sale as well, and request them to leave a review.