4G Super Mini Audio Voice Recorder 48 Hours Recording

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Details :



1. Digital Voice Recorders that are compact and pocket sized - unobtrusive and simple to operate Clear Voice Recording

2. Memory : 4GB - Easy Use, Plug in and Play, No Drives Needed Support U Disk Function

3. Charging Time: 1 Hours - Working Time: 10 hours on one Charge. Can store up to 48 hours of audio - Charging: Connect the USB interface to computer.

4. You can use it as a portable audio recorder to record anything, or simply use it as a MP3 player to listen to your favorite songs.

5. Straightforward operation - Features auto save so your recordings are saved instantly,When the earphones are plugged in, it automatically enters playback mode and you can review your file. (Note: Mac users need VLC Media Player,please free to download it and use this device)

6. Operation is simple and straightforward - switch the device on and it starts recording after a few seconds,Turning it off and then on again starts a new file. When the earphones are plugged in, it automatically enters playback mode and you can review your files,Great for documenting dictation, meetings, lectures, seminars, etc.

7. The 4gb model will hold up to 48 hours of audio and has a 15 hour battery life (unless recording while plugged in).

Operation Instruction :

1. MP3 Conversion: Insert the headphone into, and short-press Button (-) to convert MP3 playing mode when the indicator light turns red and flashes up slowly.

2. Charging Recording:When recording, insert a USB cable intoto connect the computer or the power supply, which means it is charging for recording. When charging, both the red light and the blue light flashes up and the latter staying on for a long time means charging full. The total charging time is around 1 hours.

3. Time Synchronization:When connecting the computer via USB, open the drive to run the application, SetTime.exe, synchronizing the time. Right-click this file to view the property and the recording time.

4. Connecting the Computer:Inserted a USB cable into to connect the computer and find the right drive to save and open files.

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