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Keeno is the fastest growing classified marketplace in Bangladesh. Promote any of your product for fast selling within our vast network. Simply use our Web or App to upload and sell your product.


At Keeno we aim to provide the best buying and selling experience to our customers. Our policies are extremely customer-centric, meaning that everything that we do is to ensure that our customers always become satisfied & return again.

In addition to that, we encourage our customers to provide their feedback and equally participate in making it the best online shop in BD.



Our mission at Keeno is simple and straightforward. We want to be the best online marketplace where customers can trade almost anything, encouraging and stimulating economic opportunities for everyone.

Furthermore, we also aim to make doing business easy anywhere with both retailers and customers achieving the highest level of satisfaction and quality.


Wide Range Of Categories

Mobile Phones

If you are someone who is looking for the next best budget phone and a second hand flagship phone, then Keeno is your go to website. By browsing online tech shop BD, you will find a huge variety of smartphones that range from low to high budget.

Plus, there are thousands of people waiting for good offers and if you happen to offer the right price, you can end up becoming the owner in a few minutes.

Perhaps, the best thing about Keeno when it comes to electronics such as cellphones is that the seller is required to provide detailed information along with the images of the product. This allows the buyer to thoroughly inspect the product and ask any questions if any.

Once the product and its condition has been validated, the buyer can put in his/her offer.

Household Appliances

When it comes to buying household appliances, there are several factors to consider when buying from a BD online shopping site. While buyers often remain confused about exactly what product or item to buy, Keeno offers great convenience in that regard.

Buyers who are on a budget can visit the website and checkout similar products that are on sale.

With most products in top notch condition most buyers are looking to buy products only if the price is right. Since Keeno is a platform that bridges the communication gap between the seller and buyer, it becomes relatively easy for parties at both ends to negotiate the price, while the seller can research about the product over the internet as well.

In addition to that, some buyers are also offering warranties. This is another way to ensure that the products are covered by the manufacturer. Therefore, if you are looking for something that helps you make your everyday meals delicious or something that makes your room more energetic, simply hop on and end up with the exact product you had wanted.

Cars & Bikes

Looking for your dream car or bike? Head over to Keeno to find your ideal everyday travel partner. You will find both buyers and sellers in thousands here negotiating their way to owning their dream vehicle.

Since Keeno provides a buying and selling platform for all types of buyers and sellers, there is something for everyone. You can directly contact the seller and ask any questions related to the product. You can find products that are both locally manufactured or imported for sale.

Furthermore, you can also find aftermarket products that you can install to upgrade the looks of your car or bike.


Apart from household and electronic appliances etc. our BD online shop also deals in sports products. With sellers putting up advertisements for different sports items and equipment, it is only right that you should consider shopping from Keeno. Whether you have been looking for that perfect baseball bat or a pair football shoes, Keeno has got you covered.

You can buy both new and slightly used products here at almost half the price if you were to negotiate the right way. Rest assured, Keeno is the only source that is going to help you out with finding the right product when other retail stores have it out of stock.


Direct Contact With The Seller

Direct contact with the seller is important especially when it comes to paying a significantly large amount of money while purchasing items and products. Keeno ensures and provides a transparent communication platform for both buyers and sellers to exchange information.

This enables the buyers to understand and have a clear view of what they are about to purchase.


How To Buy Stuff Online?

Buying stuff online might seem an easy process from an online buy and sell BD marketplace. However, considering the frauds and scams some people pull off, it is important that you consider several important tips.

Look For Products Online

If you are in search of a particular product or products, it is important that you first carry out your research. Look for the product in trusted buy and sell BD websites such as Keeno. Once you have located the product, search for the same product on other marketplaces to compare prices.

Purchase The Product

Once you have located the product, examine it thoroughly through the pictures provided, and feel free to communicate with the seller if possible. Ask them questions related to the product and its condition if it’s a used product.

Once everything has been finalized, proceed to buy the product by setting a time and date of meeting in a public place.

Only Buy From Authentic Online Marketplaces

One of the major reasons of scams and frauds taking place online is that people shop from websites without having to check their authenticity. From the outside, the website might look professional and secure but you might not be aware of the scam until a few days go by and you do not receive your items.

The same way, authentic buy and sell websites have mostly good sellers who want to sell their items or products. Go to reliable and popular buy and sell BD sites for maximum security.


How To Sell Stuff Online?

Decide What Products To Sell

Did you searched for where can I sell my stuff online for free? We have a simple answer: Keeno. Since Keeno provides a platform for sellers/retailers as well, you should, sell your items easily and set your own price. For it, first of all, you should know about what products to sell.

Every seller specializes in selling different products. You can sell electronic products as well as household appliances. In addition to that, look for products that have a demand in the market or have the branding potential. Once you have identified the products you wish to sell, create an account on Keeno and start selling your items.

Identify Your Target Market

Now that you have identified the products you wish to sell, you need to identify the target market. This is an important step when it comes to selling products online because not everyone is going to have a taste for your products.

This is why you need to identify who is going to buy your products. As a result, you will be able to decide product pricing and branding showcasing the benefits of your products to potential customers.

If it’s a used item, search it online to see its current price and then set the price accordingly, and that is how to sell my stuff online.

Advertise Your Products

The last step of the process involves advertising your products or items. You need to spread the word around as much as possible. There are options on Keeno which you can use to attract more buyers.


How Is Keeno Helping People Buy And Sell Stuff Online?


The first and foremost benefit of Keeno is that it offers immense convenience to both buyers and sellers as they can mutually agree on a price and then complete the transaction by meeting in a public place. You can browse items in any category from anywhere in BD and talk with the seller on text and call.

Better Prices

Since Keeno is mostly used by people to sell used items, there is a big price difference between used and new items, which is good news for anyone looking for good quality second hand stuff.

More Variety

As Keeno is a BD online shop where anyone, after verification, can sell items, there is a huge variety of products and items that you can buy from it. With clear categories, you can look for the items you need by selecting that category and browse the items people have listed for sale.

Huge Target Market

While there is a lot of ease for buyers to browse items on Keeno, the sellers get to enjoy a piece of the cake as well. For sellers, Keeno serves as a huge marketplace where different customers with varying preferences visit the app, which is an online bazar in Bangladesh.

This allows sellers get benefit from it by offering popular items at reasonable prices and sell more items. Same is true for seasoned sellers who just want to sell only one item.

So, whether you’re a buyer or seller, sign up with the Keeno app and start buying or selling.